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The GlobVapour project has been successfully ended on the 31st March 2012.



Retrieved TCWV from MERIS VIS/NIR




Project Manager:

Dr. Marc Schröder (DWD)


Technical Officer:

Dr. Bojan R. Bojkov (ESA)

User Help Desk

Data Request & Technical Support:

Nadine Schneider (DWD)



Senior Consultant and System Engineer


Brockmann Consult (BC)
Max-Planck-Str. 2,
Geesthacht, Germany


Tel. +49 4152 889 311
Fax. +49 4152 889 333
to Uwe Krämer


GlobVapour related work:
  • Development of Globvapour processing system
  • Processor intergation and system test

General research interest:
  • Automatisation of processing of large data volumes
  • Data management
  • Environmental data processing


  • ESA DUE Globvapour and Globalbedo
  • Water Quality Service System WAQSS of Brockmann Consult
  • Head of BC IT


Short CV:
  • Since 2005: Head of IT department of Brockmann Consult
  • Since 1999: Staff Engineer at Brockmann Consult
  • 1997 - 1999: Software developer at SCICON GbR, Geesthacht




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Project Manager: Marc Schröder (DWD)   ·   Technical Officer: Bojan R. Bojkov (ESA)   ·   The web site is hosted at Brockmann Consult